What Does Social Justice Look Like..?

What Does Social Justice Look Like..?

Denise Fitzgerald, Founder of Go Doctorate Go Media will be launching her very first radio appearance on Nubian hood Radio, Thursday, November 12, 2015, between 8p.m. to 10 p.m. Nubian hood Radio is "The Sound of Consciousness" and The Prophet Of Thought Seres, hosted by Xavier Moore believes Nubians are women/queens of native heritage who relate to their people and their language.

Today language defines the identity of a Queen or King where race politics has controversy.  Radical change as it is experienced through activism is facilitated by accessible information created in spaces that are articulated by issues, events, profiles, and the rise against oppression.   With the continued discourse of minorities today that have led to civil unrest, protest, movements, social media, television, and journalism witnesses to Nubian language as it relates to their people is sometimes excluded in the mainstream of its people and a Ministry of Social Justice and Change is demanded using social techniques in Nubian political life.

What does social justice look like today.... for a journalist today?  Is there a such thing as Superior Thought?  Can there be a Nubian writer or literature to end suffering and killings of today's youth in a system revolved around politics?  What about the heritage of the Nubian that drives a Nubian voice represented by the influencer?  Listen in as Denise Fitzgerald shares her thoughts from a 8 month journey according to Judges, Attorneys, Assimilations and Integrations of the Nubian Identity that conformed her writings or stories within the 21st Century with Xavier Moore, host of Nubian hood Radio.


Event Details

Place: http://nubiahoodradio.com

Starts: 12th November 2015 8:00 PM
Ends: 12th November 2015 10:00 PM

Price: Free

Type: Launch/Premiere