A Call For Action Has Been Made In The Case Of Tamir Rice

A Call For Action has been announced by the mother of slain Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old child that was video taped while being shot dead by Cleveland, Ohio Police Officers, while playing in a public park. The fatal shooting, that was released in real-time, has pointed out that a described person was pointing a hand gun spurring the police to intervene and take action.

Cleveland, Ohio - Samaria Rice, ​the mother of the slain 12-year-old, Tamir Rice, announced in a news conference, Friday, that she wants the Cuyahoga County, Ohio prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty ​to step down and allow a Special Prosecutor to review the criminal investigation into the death of her son's case, according to ABC News reports.  Since the release of the video footage announced to the Rice family, Ms. Rice has been tormented over the calls of violence towards her son leading to his death in November 2014.  Although Ms. Rice was unwed, the discriminatory acts towards the Rice's family name can no longer be repaired due to an unfilled dream of a child.

Ms. Rice stated to the public, "No Justice! No Peace! in a soft tone, to voice her complaints about community policing.  But, the question to reference in this case is "was there excessive force applied by Cleveland police as the messages of other African American children have been cut short of their time within "The Black Church" trajectories.  Why is Police Brutality allowed to fester amongst the sea of Civil Rights movements of young African American people? 

As the use of deadly force continues to haunt the African American Community after Slavery, national protests over police violence will never end.

News Source:  ABC News | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


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