Circle of Sisters 2016 Hosts Celebrity Chef Nikki Shaw And Celebrity Chef Pat Neely

Celebrity Chef Pat Neely & Celebrity Chef Nikki Shaw

Celebrity Chef Nikki Shaw of Today's Flavor, Food Network presents the latest dishes to the Circle of Sister's audience along with Celebrity Guest Chef Pat Neely. With no-cost and low-cost healthcare options today, choosing a plan is more focused when Celebrities can offer choices in the Black vision of healthcare de factos.

New York City -  Patrick Neely is a world renowned celebrity of the Food Network Entertainment Television Show.  As a co-owner of Neely's Bar-B-Que, and a net worth of approximately $1.5 Million dollars, the Memphis, Tennessee can offer his cookbook forward thinking strategies to the Circle of Sisters.  "Buy What You Can Afford" is an active childhood rhetoric for African Americans in low-income and no-cost insurance areas throughout New York City today.  With Governor Cuomo consistently promoting health care and alternative health care programs to New Yorkers, venturing into the Jacob Javits Center under the sponsor, Health First is not a bad choice.  Chef Neely's success is mirrored around his passion for food, family, and health so that every bit of his worth is under an innovate vision in all of his cookbooks.


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