Do Trinh Hoai Nam Presents Vietnamese Culture, Fashion And Entertainment At Couture Fashion Week Fall 2017

Do Trinh Hoai Nam

Vietnamese Designer Do Trinh Hoai Nam is no ordinary household name in Vietnam, the award-winning designer, mezmorizes the Couture Fashion Week Fall 2017 Collections with breathe taking designs. Fashion for Vietnam is not just the material this season, hand art is also incorporated into the way fashion is presented today.

New York City Press Release -  ​Couture Fashion Week Fall 2017 presents world-class fashion every season to promote International culture and stories that matter in the world of business, luxury, and real estate.  Volunteers, production assistants, photographers, exhibitors, and sponsors all flood the floor with selfless passion to connect the business fashion nova world to innovation reality in the United States today using still photography.  Couture Fashion Week Fall 2017 presented by Zee Entertainment Television and produced by Andres Aquino in its third season, captures the elite meanings of real estate today under the name of Do Trinh Hoai Nam, the award-winning Vietnamese Designer.  Fashion United, Inc. could not be any prouder than to broaden the market Internationally to all with flawless designs, business administration, and forward thinking intrinsic culture only found under today's production of Couture Fashion Week. 


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