"Gepherrini" Of France Penetrates The Couture Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 Luxury Handbag Market

Gepherrini Handbags

"Gepherrini" of France was the guest at the Couture Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 close out. "Gepherrini" is a Turkish-style unique luxury leather handbag from Georgia, Tbilisi, that is named to promote tourism from the traditional Supra, or feast most enjoyed by local food and wine sampling in the country. The Roof Top, NUKI, Georgia, and Flacon designs were made for the elite European business professional and is now available in the United States today.

New York City ~ If you can not explore the hot springs and spa towns of Georgia, Tbilisi, today, with 103 spa resorts and over 2400 mineral springs that Georgia has to offer, then you can take the natural hot sulphur bath European-style with a "Gepherrini" of France handbag.  The new United States start-up company has launched their luxurious European Georgian handbag line to a new diverse crowd, the Couture Fashion Week NYC elite.  Since the 2009 launch of "Gepherrini" handbags, the obsession for uniqueness has always been in the fashion model and now this stylish handbag has been correctly designed to transform the business professional into the perfect beauty at an affordable price.

The "Gepherrini" handbags are the Tbilisi's Old Town experience of European cafe-style culture designed to promote National landscapes, amazing rivers, the highest mountains, and traditional Georgian churches as a memory moment in your fashion lifestyle.  The handbags were strategically named to attract currency, healthcare, ecosystems, communications, International travel, and tourism for the country.  As the next generation of Turkish language speakers, names like TheGuardian, The New York Times, CNN, and The Huffington Post have been supporters of the Georgian National Tourism Administration testimonials, and today the First Europeans linked to the modern man outside of Africa remain active in delivering U.S. eCommerce to your door.

If you missed the Couture Fashion Week NYC event during September 9th - 11th 2016, it is not too late to enjoy the Georgian culture right here in the U.S.  Make an appointment to experience Europe firsthand at Customer Service +1(929) 363-3430.  "Gepherrini" is open Monday - Saturday from 10 am -6 pm and closed on Sundays.    


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