Geraldina's Couture Has Innovated Genderless Fashion To The New York Billboard


Genderless Fashion is now an award winning fashion brand that is now winning awards and turning heads for social Justice. Also known as "Agender" fashion subculture emerged out of Japan in the mid 2010's and mostly dominated by men, Couture designers are now taking masculinity seriously as a brand gender expression.

New York City/Malaysia- Men in pink, multicolored capes and underwear has hit the runway as a proud flag bearer in what is know as "Genderless Fashion" for males and females. In February 2023, during Couture Fashion Week New York, producers Andres Aquino and featured designer, Geraldina's Couture (Westchester County), enveloped and pushed new fashion trends migrated out of Japan to the "Sounds of New York". The female designer's cutting edge and bling for the Fall/Winter 2023 trends adhered to the suggesting of acceptance of customer-focused unisex fashion for the bridal world.

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