"Go Doctorate Go Launches A New Bubble in Health and Wellness"

News Alert! Go Doctorate Go is launching a new online niche to qualitative broadcast radio. The Public Relations Facebook Fan Page Company with over 130,000 viewers under its Social Wire will feature Public Figure Captions and Celebrity campaigns, contest, and concerts. The company's approach is to capture the best story using a Self-Directed Leadership to help teams grow and develop.

Doctorate Go originated in 2012 under the direction of Denise Fitzgerald @filthyrich2011.  The idea of radical change using health/wellness liberation was to integrate personal and professional values for public relations stories for the future of self-preservation. The Bubble of our existence is a battle to protect and preserve our economy - whether it is clean water, food, education, or social justice, specialist and businesspeople are needed to project strong views about symptomatic fixes.  

Go Doctorate Go operates a Social Purpose Business that promotes public relations in the industry of Art and Entertainment.  The social goal and social problems within the core of Business Administration is to empower change movements using Internet Blogging and campaigning to educate the audience.  The immediate market Go Doctorate Go serves are online users, face-to-face events, and virtual communications.  Go Doctorate Go will capture upcoming events over the Summer of 2015 and is located near Madison Square Garden.  Go Doctorate Go would love to tell your story in the near future.