Governor Chris Christie Expresses Gratitude To New Jersey's Resident During Blizzard 2016

Governor Chris Christie, in a press conference, expressed thanks to all New Jersey communities in their efforts to comply with Emergency Response Teams during Blizzard 2016. A State of Emergency was issued on January 22, 2016, by Governor Christi to exercise the proper judgment of the people of New Jersey, to compliance with a travel ban set by the State of New Jersey to stay off the roads.

New Jersey -- Blizzard 2016 was almost one of the worst storms in the Tri-State area which required the good people of New Jersey to remain off the roads to allow emergency vehicles from police, snowplows, and all first responders to address road conditions in the State.  Yesterday's storm was big and left the State with approximately 24 to 30 inches up in the Northern part of the State, 12 to 28 inches in the Central part of the State, and 12-20 inches in South Jersey.  

As a result of the impact of snow in the State, Governor Christie thanked everyone for representing New Jersey with pride by acknowledging what an amazing job Emergency crews performed to clearing the roads for travel today.  Over 100 people obtained shelter in the Atlantic, Cape May, and Camden Counties according to Governor Christie and everyone remained off the roadways although there were 300 accidents across the State.  Over 94,000 power outages across the State were reported, with a remaining 25,000 still down by this morning.  Cape May County had over 18,000 outages in the Atlantic City Electric area with the end of today NIL 90% of them.  

Governor Christie also reported that all churches, supermarkets, and a few youth events will continue as scheduled, even with 2 feet of snow.

Governor Christie also acknowledged the signing of a new legislative law, under Bill S-2471, of the 2014/2015 legislative session to enact Economic wealth without Municipal approval by allowing entrepreneurs to offer services for snow shoveling services before storms.  Act R.S. 40:52-1 was amended to supersede any municipality ordinance to regulate the solicitation of snow shoveling services within 24 hours before a predicted snowstorm.  This bill was triggered by two teenagers that were warned by police that they were in violation of public solicitation of residents by passing out fliers to homeowners before a predicted storm within their communities.  Today, that solicitation is now a reality of security for two teenagers that made history in their country by taking the initiative to use a pen a write for a change.


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