Governor Cuomo Embraces Out-of-State Snowmobiling For Martin Luther King, Jr.

Lake snow effects in New York is not just the latest press release for Governor Andrew M. Cuomo these days. Extremely high winds and student participation on the latest educational opportunities is what Governor Cuomo does best. As of January 1, 2016, applications are currently being accepted for (2) $500 Scholarships over the Martin Luther King Holiday. Only members of NYSSA Snowmobile Clubs will be eligible for the Norris Brusoe and for the Joan Vriessen Scholarships.

Source:  New York Press Release --  Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced to all out-of-state snowmobile enthusiasts that Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend will be a free snowmobiling weekend in New York State.  During the Martin Luther King weekend, from January 16-18, state registration requirements, including DMV fees, will be waived for properly registered and insured out-of-state snowmobilers.

Governor Cuomo said, “From breathtaking vistas to fun trails and spectacular forests, New York is home to unparalleled natural beauty."  “New York’s tourism industry is an economic engine for the state – driving growth and creating jobs – and we are committed to seeing it succeed. With over 10,500 miles of scenic snowmobile trails, I encourage visitors to head upstate this weekend and check out all New York has to offer.”

During this limited time tourism event, out-of-state snowmobile business news is the hottest topic for New Yorkers interested in obtaining future educational opportunities.  All sled owners must have a valid New York registration with DMV either by logging on to the website or by mail.  Additional out-of-state snowmobilers who have already registered, according to the Cuomo administration, in their home state may complete their original registration online.  It has been mentioned that last year, the DMV processed nearly 25,000 annual snowmobile registration renewals online through its website.

"We want to make it as easy as possible for snowmobile enthusiasts to come and explore New York’s trails,” DMV Executive Deputy Commissioner Terri Egan said. “Offering online snowmobile registration is just one way we are making it more convenient for customers to do business with DMV.”

“Governor Cuomo’s efforts are helping more and more outdoor recreation enthusiasts discover how much New York State has to offer throughout the year,” Rose Harvey, Commissioner of the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation said. “This free snowmobile weekend is a creative way to promote New York as the exciting winter destination for out-of-state visitors.”

According to the DMV, anyone operating a snowmobile in New York must register the sled and obtain a validation sticker.  Upon completing their online registration, riders can print a temporary certificate, which is valid for 15 days.  DMV generates a permanent registration and mails it to the recipient with their validation sticker.  There is no additional charge for the temporary certificate.  Registration renewals can also be performed at a DMV office.

Snowmobilers must carry registration and proof of insurance documents on their person at all times while snowmobiling and must produce the documents at the request of law enforcement. Riders must also show insurance documentation at the request of anyone who is injured or suffers property damage as a result of the operation of a snowmobile. Anyone holding a snowmobile safety certificate must carry the certificate on their person when they are snowmobiling at all times.

A New York State snowmobile registration costs $45 if a customer is a member of a New York State Snowmobile Association-affiliated club or $100 for non-members. Participants must have their member voucher number on hand to process the transaction with the NYSSA discount. All but $10 of each registration goes to the Snowmobile Trail Development and Maintenance Fund, which supports 10,500 miles of public snowmobile trails in New York State, snowmobile safety education programs, and enforcement of New York State snowmobile laws.

New York State requires riders younger than 18-years-old to take a New York State-approved Snowmobile Safety Course and obtain a snowmobile safety certificate when riding on public lands. The course instructs snowmobilers on how to ensure the safety of riders and other trail users. Riders may also qualify for savings on sled insurance for having a Snowmobile Safety Certificate. A listing of New York State Parks’ safety courses, which is updated on a daily basis during snowmobile season, can be found here

To register a snowmobile, click here. For more information on recreation opportunities on snowmobile trails across New York State, click here.


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