Hurricane Dorian Destroys Regions Of The Bahamas And Continues To Rock Devastation Into The United States

According to the National Hurricane Service and the National Weather Service, Hurricane Dorian still remains at large with dangerous winds heading northward just off the shore of Florida. Coastal flooding is expected through Wednesday stemming from the expected long-duration of rain, storm surge, damaging winds, and isolation of the tornadoes to the area.

Go Doctorate Go Press - Hurricane Dorian has left the regions of Great Abaco, Bahamas swallowing homes, business, food, livestock, pets, and people.  The residents of Great Abaco, Freeport, and Marsh Harbor took to Social Media for prayers of their loved ones and help from the governments to send rescue efforts as the videos revealed the ocean engulfed the islands with no where for the residents to seek shelter.  Amongst the dead during the Labor Day Weekend in the Bahamas is still growing as flatbed tow trucks are dispatched out by the local residents using cellular phone camera footage to aid in the rescues. 

Smart app approaches by some local Bahamas residents who built their real estate investments on stilts for future expectations of devastation using hurricane proof window installations help News Reporters to understand how and why a Hurricane of such magnitude and force engulfed the unfortunate during the heaven and sea 185 mph wind warnings.  Men, women, children and dogs were all captured running for their lives during a mandated evacuation process, however, for those who did not have anywhere to go during the Force of Nature, Social Media prayer requests were the number one priority to get the residents through a horrible period of the death calls from the sky.   There is no word to date if Flood Insurance policies are paid up to date to provide for the unfortunate who were left without a home, food, clothing, water, and shelter. 

According to the historical reports, 5 people are dead and 13,000 homes were impacted with severe damages from the massive storm surges.   All live blogs are now closed which delivered real time reports to the Prime Minister of the Bahamas who was quoted saying to the people, “We are in the midst of an historic tragedy,” prime minister Hubert Minnis said yesterday. “The devastation is unprecedented and extensive.”  Reports states, all flights are cancelled into the Bahamas at this time due to the extreme destruction to the Island.


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