It's Called Tidal X And It Is The New Breakthrough Into Digital High Fidelity Live Streaming Featuring New York's Hot 97 Radio 2015 Summer Jam

Tidal X is the name and digital innovation is a new way to meet the customer needs using live streaming to rethink the market of high-quality sound, close-up engagement, and defining hashtag meaning expertise. Gaining advantages over your competitors to redefine revenue definition for music videos by paying a premium is a socially responsible strategy for Celebrities today and Worldwide Radio.

Digital methods for measuring social engagement is a consumer preference today.  Companies are able to access and quantify a play list of music genre's in a user friendly high fidelity live stream environment.  Sustainable performance for proper auditing of social impacts of the entertainment structure, systems, and culture are the new demands to safeguard Celebrity revenues.  

As this new product development protects licensing, copyrights, and patents, the public will become aware of music practices by memorizing the key ingredients of every genre practice to musicianship and public relations.  This unique niche to grabbing video captions that are proprietary to the Celebrity is well spent and played in music practice.  

Hot 97, also known as WQHT (broadcast in New York City) is the number one Hip-Hop radio station known by most Hip-Hop Artist in the New York Metro Area and is now available worldwide via the Internet (known as is broadcasting history that also shares interest and passion in Black culture and music technology.  Video footage operations at the East Rutherford, New Jersey Met Life Stadium is just the beginning of pyramid of strategies to be used by many more companies in marketing their products today.


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