Nicki Minaj “Sold Out” Madison Square Garden #GagCityTour

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Nicki Minaj announced her “Gag City” Tour last tour and she told everyone to get your credit cards out for a performance of a lifetime. Minaj stopped into the iconic “ Big Apple” New York City to a “sold out” showcase of pink followers who were privileged by performances including 50 Cent, Monica, and DJ Booth.

New York City -  Nicki Minaj, the Queen of Rap, successfully sells out to a world famous pink crowd last night at Madison Square Garden.  Supporters in pink flooded the Garden for a once in a lifetime curfew of performances by DJ Booth (Brooklyn), 50 Cent, the R & B sounds of social Justice by Monica (who also wore pink fashion), and the iconic Nicki Minaj (ending her performance in Pink by the world famous Designer, "Versace").  Each performance symbolized an engineering echo of light as the performers voice themed the audience's heads in blue, green, pink, and red.  

The over three hour performance not only entertained a diverse crowd of non English speaking fans, but Nicki Minaj announced the number one fan listener, her son "Papa Bear, " who was also back stage watching and dancing along as well.  From runway fashion to recognizing the "higher power," pink heads, blue seas, red mountains, and green money will always be a future trend of social Justice in the trajectory of music in America and abroad by Nicki Minaj.   #gagcitynyc #heavyonit is the order.


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