Prince Rogers Nelson Determined To Entertain Fans In Atlanta Before His Death

According to reports, Prince Rogers Nelson became tragically ill days before his untimely death on April 21, 2016. Apparently, the Singer took ill from complications of the Flu and was rushed to a hospital in Moline, Illinois where he was released three hours later after an emergency landing on April 15, 2016.

Carver County Sheriff Report -  In a transcript released by the Carver County Sheriff's office yesterday, a 911 emergency call was placed from the home of Singer, Prince stating that someone was unconscious.  The caller appeared to be somewhat distraught and unable to concentrate on what the apparent address of the Singer's home was at the time.  What has been revealed in a medical call in Minneapolis, Minnesota was the call placed from the home of Singer, Prince of Chanhassen, Paisley Park Studios.  

The caller stated that "we have a person down, not breathing."  Although there were leaks into the 911 call placed on the audio file yesterday, Carver County Sheriff reports that only transcripts of 911 calls are public data during a death investigation.  The cause of death is still unknown to date even after the Singer insisted on performing in Atlanta on April 15, 2016, shortly after being released from an Emergency hospital in Moline, Illinois where he was treated and released with Flu-like symptoms.  

A Copy of the 911 transcript has been provided by the Carver County Sheriff Department in an effort to investigate what caused Singer, Prince's death to date.

Conversation opened to investigation by Carver County Sheriff Department.

911 Call

Jason Kamerud, Chief Deputy

Carver County Sheriff's Office

606 East 4th Street

Chaska, MN  55318-2102


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