R. Kelly "The King Of R&B" Tells His Story On Stage At The Prudential Center, Newark, NJ

The many chapters of R. Kelly transforms on stage at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey tonight. An almost sold out show delivers Special Ladies in the Pit chosen to dance with R. Kelly and a standing room ovation for "The King of R&B." This long awaited concert drew men and women of all ages and class in a beauty/fashion show event. Hot97 and 107.5 WBLS welcomes R. Kelly and Floetry.

Demetria McKinney, Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" opens the show for R. Kelly featuring Floetry.  This dynamic award-winning actress and singer who's best know for her role in the sitcom ​Tyler Perry's House of Payne,  appeared on stage with a profound shift of energy and skill that was self-evident outside of her stage plays and sitcoms.  With the dancers to go along with her act, Demetria delivers a new business model to arts and entertainment by advocating change in her songs.

Floetry reunites on stage as they deliver an usual but unique spiritual movement to the audience.  The vision and understanding of the need to let your mind flow from the systematic dysfunctions using words and sounds is explored in their performance.  A natural conversation of politeness that dominates that stage to ultimately bare all mind, body, and soul while barefooted is the focus of the framework of thought.  A gentle breezy that speaks out to the audience to advocate your Blessings using empathetic listening to smooth over your social norms.  

And lastly, the storyteller of all times, R. Kelly, long awaiting anticipation as "The King of Pop" drops the black curtain to open up his house of liquor on the walls, a D.J. to party, a cigar to relax, and money in his pockets for the ladies who joins him on stage.  This is his story, starting out as a child without nothing, and prospering into fame.  A story well told by a man delivers empathetic listening and generative dialogue in his songs.  R. Kelly opens his heart to the audience in what seems hard thug panties dropping thought to a more vulnerable crowd who opens their minds and their hearts.  And right before the orgasm is about to come R. Kelly stops and ask the audience for permission to use profanity.  A crowd pleaser from every section of the arena, R. Kelly is always thinking ahead to engage his qualities into the stage for essential systematic thought.  Even when R. Kelly visited Nelson Mandela.  If you haven't seen an R. Kelly Concert, go see one!  


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