School Campus Explosion in The Bronx Leaves Three Injured At The JFK Campus

Update: An apparent explosion in the Bronx yesterday leaves three injured after a worker lit a match to test a table-top gas valve in a science lab. Firefighters were called to the 99 Terrace View Ave location of JFK High School around 8:09 pm following the installation of a new gas line went wrong. There were approximately 3,000 students in the complex during the explosion.

According to the de Blasio administration, the New Visions Charter High School for Humanities was scheduled to open yesterday.  Since the explosion at JFK in the Bronx contingency locations have been assigned to all Campus schools.  There has been a order issued to stay away from the entire building until the stability of the structure has been secured.  Emergency response teams were  deployed to the area yesterday to assist members at the scene.  

If parents have concerns or questions regarding JFK Campus please call 311 or email 

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