Social Deprivation or A War Zone in Baltimore, MD?

Racism, economic inequality, and poverty all contribute to dysfunctional individuals within some communities. After the death of Freddie Gray, Baltimore, Maryland announced a "Credible Threat" alert within the community that flourished into a National Law Enforcement Problem without a solution.

Today in Baltimore, the pressure is focused on what is known as the "expert witness" or the law of the child.  In the eyes of "the law", children are questioned or placed at risk within our society when a proposed community threat exist.  Being social deprived of cultural normalcy from daily interactions due to a civil unrest because of factors such as poor education, socioeconomic status, political voice, dignity, and reduced opportunities are all examined by law enforcement who are taught to kill due to a perceived war zone of violence.  

Freddie Gray, was a 25 year old man that died in the custody of Baltimore Law Enforcement in May after police restrained him over growing email concerns of drug dealings in the area and handcuffed Gray after discovering a knife.  As a result of the May 1 incident, two youths in Baltimore were shot recently ages 8 and 10 years old.  The reactions of Baltimore's Mayor from these recent shootings stems from the continue unrest within the community.  Why is this unrest in existence today?  Why two credible witnesses?  Does Child Abuse and Neglect play a role in devaluing the lives of two youths in Baltimore after the riots?  Or is this another "Lolly Pop" case?