Statement From Governor Andrew Cuomo on President Obama's Executive Action On Gun Control

Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a statement today regarding President Obama's gun control after the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. Today, no Federal law has been set to end gun violence, and it is clear that there have been numerous calls-to-actions to save children, communities, and countries.

New York -- “President Obama’s executive action to expand background checks, increase oversight, and close glaring loopholes in federal law marks a critically needed step forward for our nation. I applaud the President’s decision to take a stand and act, even as Congress continues to delay. 

“For too long, the American people have been without sensible gun control at the federal level. Thousands of lives have been cut short and countless families have been forced to bury their loved ones too soon – all due to gun violence. The fact that Congress refuses to act and pass a national law that protects the American people while also respecting their second amendment rights defies common sense. 

“New York has led the way on gun control – enacting the toughest laws in the nation after Sandy Hook where 20 children and six adults were tragically murdered. But there is still more we must do together as a nation. For all the progress we have made in New York State on this issue, the lack of federal gun control continues to leave our communities in the line of fire. Congress must pass a strong national gun control bill and follow the President’s lead in putting the safety of America’s families first.”


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