The Couture Fashion Week New York Recognizes Top Indian Designer Sushma Patel

Sushma Patel, a designer from India, possesses a unique culture of an event and design service only for Platinum customers. It is called, The 5th Season Wedding Design Studio and the online experience explains the many talents managed under Sushma Patel's business model for a whole new level of special events. Last night, for those Hillary Clinton Fashion Fans that came out, the latest trends increased the value of why a man should purchase a larger diamond for his bride as a new found custom.

New York City --  How do you spell Feminist today as a Black writer within a dominant white culture opened to the word "women?"  Most can think of 20 words that relate to the word "women" when a 'y' substitutes for the 'e.'   Urban speakers within the Fashion World will advocate feminism, woman, feminist, women, Miss Thang, Bitch, Lesbian, fool, biotch, femtard, and man to name a few.  You see there is a feminist/lesbian spelling of "woman" in the Fashion World that possesses political implications described by most Hillary Clinton supporters as advocating social, political, legal, and economic rights for women today.  Equality matters to the media writer that promotes women's rights to those of men.

Last night's show presented by Couture Fashion Week Fall 2016 Collections at The Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, Broadway Ballroom, New York City, transformed Sushma Patel's designs into United States English from the mid-19th-century era of health/wellness qualities for the next art of innovation.  If you are planning a Fall wedding 2016, do not dream about Sushma Patel designs, become Sushma Patel and leave an amazing testimony for all to see as you wear your stunning east-west fusion design.

The Bollywood Fashion Award-Winner, Sushma Patel can be followed on Facebook at


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